Just a Quicky

So this week I read the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs a very god series about a native american walker who can turn into a coyote, and was raised by werewolves and one of the better urban fantasy books available today in my opinion. The eighth book cam out on the 11th so I reread the whole series, finishing today putting me at 8 books in 8 days no catching up but also no further behind

Final Count

Books Read: 50

Books Behind: 22 ūüė¶



So I again read 6 books this week but I think I can be forgiven since one of those books was Words of Radiance which I have been waiting quite literally years for. It is the sequel to Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson and I am not going to say much since I don’t want to spoil it for people but it is the sequel Way of Kings deserved and this series still tops my favorite series list.

A Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop also came out this week on the same day as Words of Radiance as a matter of fact and it is the sequel to my second favorite series which started with Written in Red. Again I still love this series and highly recommend it. 

I also read Miserere by Teresa Frohock it is a very original dark fantasy or grimdark if you prefer. I would recommend this book to people who have read and enjoyed Joe Ambercrombie books. This book is set in Woerld, and revolves around a man who made the wrong decision in the past and betrayed a woman he loved to protect his twin sister who he now hates. This is not the story of him winning back the woman he loves this is not a happy story where everyone lives happily ever after but it is a good story set in a very original world with unique rules.

I also read A Modern Witch, A Hidden Witch and A Lost Witch by Debora Geary. These are all in the same series and are the exact opposite of Miserere in that everyone lives happily ever after and no mistake is to big to be fixed. These were nice light reading, like having cheese and crackers for dinner because you ate a whole roast for lunch (Miserere) and you plan on eating a thanksgiving dinner by your self for breakfast tomorrow (Words of Radiance). 

Final Count

Books Read: 42

Books Behind: 22 but as of yesterday spring break has started!



Stolen,¬†Scorch Trial,¬†Death Cure,¬†Worm,¬†Arrows of the Queen,¬†Arrow’s Flight,¬†Arrow’s Fall, Hostage to Pleasure 8 read it 8 books complete!¬†

Stolen by Kelly Armstong is the sequel to Bitten which I wrote about last week and it continues to be a good series with an enjoyable main character. This book also introduces other characters that get their own books later in the series which made it a very interesting read. How do I know these characters show up later? I may have accidentally read this series out of order and am making up for it by starting at the beginning now. 

Scorch Trial and Death Cure are both sequels to Maze Runner which I talked about earlier in the year. While enjoyable neither of these books were memorable and I had to force my self to finish death cure which I only read to figure out the mystery behind WICKED the good/bad guys of the series. I’m still not sure how I feel about the series overall the first book was really good but it left so many questions that you need to read the next books to come to closure but the sequels are not as enjoyable.

Worm is not technically a book but rather a web serial ¬†but given how long it is I am going to count it here. It is about a girl who can control bugs and is bullied at school. I liked the series in that the main character wasn’t the only with powers there were all kinds of people with super powers called capes. I some times got frustrated with the main character but the story was overall enjoyable.

Arrows of the Queen, Arrow’s Flight and Arrow’s Fall are all part of the same series following Talia the new “Queens Own” rather like an adviser. This series introduces the heralds a group of people Chosen by Companions (horses that are made of good) ¬†to keep peace. Good short reads and a good place to start if you have been considering reading Mercedes Lackey but were intimated by the extent of her writing or unsure where to start.

Hostage to Pleasure is a cheesy “paranormal romance” but not a bad one as far as romance goes, it almost has a plot. I obviously like it enough to continue the series as this is the fith one so if that is what you are looking for enjoy.

So that leaves me at final count

books read: 36

books behind: 21 (ouch) apparently my math last week was wrong, I am not very good at even basic addition and subtraction at 1 AM.


Way Late, but Still Here

sorry about the delay in this post 20 days so I owe you 20 books not sure I have that in me but lets see. With the up coming release of Brandon Sanderson’s and Anne Bishop’s new books I have been re-reading a lot of there works.

I re-read Way of Kings which I have to say is one of my favorite Sanderson books. If you haven’t read it and you like epic fantasy now might be the time since the sequel comes out in under two weeks, which with the size of this book (over 1300 pages) is just enough time to really absorb the story which has multiple story lines that will hopefully converge in Words of Radiance. Just in case this is not fully clear I am really really excited for this release, I mean really excited.

After that I read Steelheart also by Sanderson, and I have to say I am a little disappointed. It isn’t a bad book it just isn’t the type of book I expect from Sanderson. Maybe it is because it is a YA book but it just didn’t have the twists and turns of most of his books or keep me on the edge of my seat it just felt like a good YA book. However if you like superhero stories and are looking for a well written if predictable YA book go ahead and read it, or if you want a book for a middle school boy this would be a good starting place.

I have also re-read most of Anne Bishops works including the original Dark Jewels trilogy, which contains one of the most complete and well built worlds I have ever read. I also read some of the spin-off books from the series so that is 5 books and I am not going to say much more about this series other than it is a well written fantasy book with strong romantic undertones and if that appeals to you, then I would highly recommend trying the series staring with Daughter of the Blood.

I also read Bitten by Kelly Armstrong a very solid Werewolf book and while there is a couple in it they are much more likely to throw stuff at each other than vow their undying love, which is a refreshing break from most of the urban fantasy being written today. Following the only female werewolf this is a story with a true strong female protagonist and while she doesn’t always make the smartest decisions she will ask for help when she needs it and relies on other people which I feel few of the female protagonists do these days.

I finished Guilded another YA book by Christina Farley. AS I have said on here before I am a little tired of the strong young woman trope that is becoming so used in the YA books of today and while I still think that is overused I really liked the idea behind this book, as it is based around Korean mythology. While we see a lot of stories based around Roman and Greek mythology, seeing mythology from other cultures is rare and refreshing.

The Change by Teyla Branton was an engaging read following a young woman who has just discovered she is now nearly immortal. Almost impossible to kill and with a life span close to 2000 years she has to decide what she is going to do as she is dragging into a fight between the rebels, who want to stay in hiding and save humans and the empire who want to rule over humans. Standard story but a good plot and I am curious to see if Branton can take this story anywhere original.

The Line by J.D. Horn introduces us to a family of witches in Savannah Georgia. While this is only the first one and the sequels are not out yet I will be keeping an eye on this story. It is YA but it is well written and it definitely follows a tried and true story line of the young witch without magic in a family where everyone is gifted but with just enough twists to keep the story interesting.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, this is a reread and if you haven’t read it stop reading right now and go get this book!

So on day 40 I have read 28 books making me 12 books behind luckily spring break is coming up so I am hoping that I can get caught up during those 10 days or at least get closer.

Better Late Than Never

Here it is the promised post only 11.5 hours late.

As I said before I really only read 4 books this week and one of them I’m not even sure I should count.

I started off the week with Up From the Grave by Jeanine Frost, which is also from the night huntress series that I read last week so I have now finished that series.

I also read Written in Red¬†by Anne Bishop. I really enjoyed this book it was well written with an engaging main character and best of all it wasn’t a traditional urban fantasy. The world is controlled by the others, rather than the humans as we so often see and this story really focuses on human and other relationship by following Meg Corbin, who is a bit of both. Meg is technically human but she was born a blood prophet a very rare type of human who can see the future anytime she is cut deep enough to scar. Because they have to cut in order to see the future blood prophets are kept in benevolent care, or as any one else would see in slavery. Meg escapes the controller and runs to a courtyard, which is where the others live, when they live in cities. Because courtyards are run and owned by the others Meg thinks she is safe there but the controller is willing to do anything to get her back. While this story has the beginnings of a romantic sub-plot it is not paranormal romance at all and I would recommend this story to any one who enjoys a strong female lead and stories that are very character driven.

Third I read Stiff by Mary Roach. This was a re-read or rather a re-listen as I got a little tired of the Golem and the Jinni, it was not that the Golem and the Jinni wasn’t interesting but the audio book was moving to slowly and I have decided to read it rather than listen to it. Back to Stiff however this is a very good book, but not fantasy, rather it is non-fiction. Stiff is the story of the human cadaver and everything that can happen to you if you donate your body to science. While this is not a book for the queasy, it can get quite graphic, it is a very interesting book about all of the ways human cadavers help live humans. This book covers everything from plastic surgery to solving crimes and is written in a way that is easy to engage with, and you need no background in science or cadavers to understand.

The final book and the one I shouldn’t really include is Artemis Fowl. In case you don’t know this series the Artemis Fowl is a kids series, and as I found out not as enjoyable at 21 as it is at 12. I saw it at the library yesterday and decided to read it. If you have any children in elementary school looking for a good fantasy series this would be a good one (although I can only speak for the first three books as I never read any of the later ones). The series follows Artemis Fowl a criminal master mind, all around genius and twelve year old boy as he swindles gold from the fairies who live underground. While Artemis is not a very nice or likable person the author does a good job of humanizing him, and the people around him in the story are very likable. This is also one of those rare books that will appeal equally to boys and girls.

It’s been a long week!

First off forgive me for any typos as I am writing this on my tablet I will edit it when I get home which is a few hours away still. Second this isn’t going to be a real post, I blame the lack of computer, but I will get a post up tomorrow right after morning class. I am very sorry but today got very busy. I will report that I only managed to read 4 books this week and next week isn’t looking much better.

Here is to a less stressful life,


Vampires and Ghosts and Ghouls oh my!

so this one is going to be pretty short and to the point because I spent the last week reading a series. Specifically I read the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost… all 6 of them that are currently out and a short story from the series (which I wont be counting towards my total). And they were good books, not amazing books, not mind blowing books, not oh my god, I have to go out and tell everyone about them books (which is what one of my friends convinced me they were). However they were good enough to read 6 of them in 7 days books.

The first one Halfway to the Grave follows Catherine, call me Cat, Crawfield on her quest to rid he word of vampires, a rather ironic quest considering she is half vampire an almost unheard of rarity. But after she fails to kill on of her targets he offers her a deal. He will either kill her or train her to kill vampires, but only the ones he tells her to. She takes the deal and they start killing vampires together, and in the later books every other undead thing.

As I said earlier it was an enjoyable series, just fyi it is a romance series, so take it or leave it. I also found the dialog in the first few books to be rather stilted but the writing improved throughout the whole series. And if you enjoy this series there are two spin off series following other characters from the books as they find their true loves and fight off dastardly villains, and the seventh book in the series comes out in 6 days on Jan. 28th.

I am still working my way through The Golem and the Jinni and really enjoying listening to it the voice actor they got is perfect he has a slight accent that  I might find annoying in any other book, but it fits this story perfectly. In addition to that I am reading Emperor of Thorns by Mark Lawrence, which I have been really excited for and so far it is meeting my expectations. If you have not read this series I absolutely recommend it. The Series starts with Prince of Thorns and it is just a trilogy for those of you who do not like the 10,000 page epics. And if you enjoyed this series Mark Lawrence is starting a new one called Prince of Fools which will be out in June of this year.

Good Reading